This is the crew.

Jeff aka. dad, big billy (long story)

Bus driver, software designer, aspiring filmmaker

Jeff loves hiking, adventuring, off-roading, cooking, and playing music. When he’s not in the outdoors, behind his computer, or taking photos, you may find him manning the French press.

Annaaka. mom, mom, mommy, mommy, momma, momma, maaaaaaaaa

Kitchen witch, book nerd, storyteller

Anna loves hiking, yoga, experimenting with foods and ingredients, and art. When she’s not working on perfecting a recipe, studying equality, or reading a book, you may find her reading the tarot deck.

Ariaaka. tall Bean, RiRi

Researcher, protector of nature, one-day-aspiring geo/gemologist

Aria loves digging for crystals and rocks, studying wildlife, and riding her bike. When she’s not researching animals, drawing in her sketchbook, or putting on her own makeup, you may find her hanging out around the coffee corner waiting for her own cup.

Jiadaaka. Super Ji, Jiji

Wildcard, singer, dancer, one-day-aspiring activist

Jiada loves listening to music, writing songs, and working in the kitchen. When she’s not jamming tunes in her headphones, riding her bike, or acting out Disney movies word-for-word, you may find her recording her own YouTube videos. (Not actually on YouTube…yet)

Aliraaka. Liri-Bear, liri-Lou

Old soul, collector, one-day-aspiring bear rescuer

Alira loves taking care of her bears, collecting any/everything, and making sure the whole crew is doing ok. When she’s not playing with her bears, listening to princess music, or riding her bike, you may find her helping put groceries away.

Jazzaka. Little Billy

Imaginative, heavy machinery enthusiast, definitely-one-day garbage man

Jazz loves watching farming equipment, calling out the names of construction vehicles as we pass by, and eating PBJ’s. When he’s not playing with his vehicles, watching the garbage man, or pretending to be delivering loads of goods…well, actually, he’s always doing one of those things!

Athenaaka. bus nugget, Squeezy, Theenee

Bus-born, giggler, lover of joy and happiness, probably-one-day comedienne

Athena loves making people laugh, napping, eating, and cuddling. She’s definitely always doing one of those things!

JaqGreat Pyrenees

Shedder, herder, finder of "lost" bread loaves

Jaq loves napping, going for walks, doing zoomies, and definitely playing in the snow. You will always find him where the kids are or napping at the front door.

TofuChihuahua/Italian Greyhound

Worrier, cuddler, selfish, attention-seeker

Tofu loves to interrupt anyone showing someone else attention in hopes to steal some for himself. He also loves going on walks and hanging out with his best bud, Jiada. You will always find him wherever attention is being shown or napping on a pillow somewhere.