A Very Magical Maiden Voyage

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Consider my mind changed

I have never been a fan of theme parks. I was never a hater, but they just weren’t quite my thing. Mostly, they all seemed gimmicky and touristy. Personally, I’d much rather head into the woods with a tent and do some exploring.

That is, until I we visited Disney World in Orlando, Florida! I had been to Disney World as a kid, but I suppose it didn’t leave an impression in my mind. Or maybe I’ve just changed since I first visited…I mean, I was six years old at that time.

Seemingly endless family fun

With our kids’ wide range of ages, it can be difficult sometimes to find activities that we can all agree on together. At Disney World, we were able to find EVERYTHING to keep everyone well entertained the entire time we were there. Whether it was meeting the princesses, checking out the science and nature-related stuff at Epcot, to just taking a joy ride on the monorail to give everyone a rest.

All-inclusive, one-stop-shop

Of course, we were traveling in the bus, so we stayed at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground. One word: WOW.

As far as campgrounds go, it was super easy to navigate, extremely clean and well-maintained, and had the best shore connections we’ve ever dealt with.

One downside, it’s pretty dense and bringing in a 40’ rig was a bit of a challenge. But we managed!

But it was amazing to wake up in the morning, do our typical morning things, then walk to a nearby bus stop (less than 5 minutes away), and take a bus right into any of the parks. No traffic, no finding a parking space, no hassle. Just sit back and poof!


At the time, we were a bit concerned about being able to find enough vegan food to keep the crew going. Because of this, we elected to bring some snacks and other light foods along with us. It’s super cool that they allow this…we’ve been to places where this is a no-no.

It was a pleasant surprise to find that several of the larger/main food out spots offered vegan replacements for sausages, etc. OMG…Friar Tuck’s vegan bratwurst on a pretzel bun is a dream. Then the Tofutti ice cream at the main street ice cream parlor. Ohh...and the thought of the veggie sushi at Epcot's Japan nearly sends shivers down my spine!

We have since learned that more and more vegan options are being offered at various places throughout the parks!


Ok, you may have experienced fireworks before. You may have seen a laser show. You may have even watched a musical projected onto the side of a life-sized castle replica. But until you experience the nightly Fireworks & Nighttime Spectacular, you haven’t lived. Amazing doesn’t even begin to adequately describe it.

In a nutshell

Our experience at Disney World was unparalleled as far as attractions go. The kids had an amazing time and it definitely changed my mind about theme parks.

We will be going back.